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Welcome to Commercial CIO

Helping businesses located in Tualatin

The Commercial CIO (CCIO) is a volunteer group of local business people with diverse skills whose combined efforts have created a direct link with city administration to resolve issues facing the Tualatin business community.

We're here to help you resolve what you may not have the “time or energy” to tackle alone.  All members of the Tualatin business community are welcome to present any issues which impede their ability to make Tualatin a vibrant business environment.

We are so happy you’re interested in getting involved with our work here at Tualatin Commercial CIO (CCIO). There are so many ways for you to help, and we truly appreciate each and every effort.

CCIO Annual Meeting - June 21st 

Information Update

Jonathan Taylor ( presented the City’s ongoing prosperity planning efforts – in particular the Core Opportunity and Reinvestment Area.

Quadrant 1

The northern boundary includes Bridgeport Village south to the Trailblazers Facility..

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Quadrant 2

East of I-5 in an area commonly called Lake Grove, Tualatin's Quadrant 2 northern boundary starts at the FedEx facility, includes Safeway and nearby retail and south to the TVFR Fire Station and the large apartment complex across from Rivergrove and the Tualatin River.

Quadrant 3

Quadrant 3 includes all retail and commercial zones west of I-5 from the Tualatin River south to PGE Contact Center on SW Sagert St.  Inclues all major shopping areas, the  Lake on the Commons, the Library, the Post Office, and nearby industrial areas.

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Quadrant 4

Quadrant 4 includes all retail and multiple family housing east of I-5 to the undeveloped property owned by Legacy Meridian Park Hospital.

Tualatin Is Open For Business & Is A Great Place to Live

Facing challenges....we will try to help!

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Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

Let us know if you need help connecting with employers


Address Barriers To Recovery

Shortages, supply chains, changing customer needs

Supports Local Business Ownership

Making a Difference


Retail Sucessses

Doing What’s Needed

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Ways We Help

Tualatin Commercial CIO (CCIO) is in the business of helping businesses of all sizes achieve success in Tualatin. The work we do at our all-volunteer organization is aimed at providing a assistance in communication with City, County, and other agencies.

Transit Needs

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Permitting and Land Use

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Updates From City



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