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Welcome to East CIO

The East Community Involvement Organization (CIO) is one of six residential CIOs located in separate geographical areas of Tualatin. The map below shows the outline of our neighborhood - East CIO. Our borders include two counties:  west of 65th avenue is Washington County and east of 65th is Clackamas County.  Our membership is open to all who reside or own property in this area. The East CIO Board of volunteers supports members by working with the City of Tualatin and other government agencies when questions, ideas and/or complaints are brought to our attention. Our focus is on community safety, livability, equity and a sense of community.

East CIO: Welcome

East CIO Fall Meeting

Saturday, September 24th

11 am to 1 pm

Tualatin City Services Building

10699 SW Herman Rd

East CIO: Who We Are
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East CIO

Annual Meeting

May 21st  from  11 am to 1 pm

Minutes Below


Orchard Hill Townhomes

7121 SW Sagert Street

East CIO: Who We Are

Agenda May 21st

East CIO Annual Meeting

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Crime Stats & Public Safety

Bill Steele, Chief of Police

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Traffic Impact/Nyberg Rd Apartments
Mike McCarthy, Transportation Engineer

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Fire Safety
Stefan Myers, TVF&R Public Affairs


Are You Ready?
Cathy Holland, Tualatin Neighborhood Ready - Tualatin CERT & Ham Team

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Questions & Answers about City Affairs
Nancy Grimes, City Councilor & East CIO Resident

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Doug Ulmer,
President of East CIO

East CIO: Programs

East CIO Board

Doug Ulmer, President

Hello, my name is Doug Ulmer. I have resided in Tualatin since 1999 and prior in 86-87. I have been on the board of my condominium association since 2002. Have also been on the board of the East CIO since the start of 2012.

Open, Vice President

This position is open.  Contact us if you have questions or an interest in serving.  Job description: The Vice President serves in the absence of the President; serves as the chair of the nominating committee, if required; and performs other duties as designed by the Board.

Open, Treasurer

This position is open.  Contact us if you have questions or an interest in serving.  Job description:  Shall receive, deposit, disburse, and account for all CIO funds; prepare and presenting operating statements at general meeting or as otherwise requested by the Board; present financial report on any grant funding received from the City of Tualatin CIO Grant program.

Margarita Crowell, Secretary

Tualatin residents since October, 2018, Margarita lived on the East Coast.  She is a retired high school science teacher (30 years) and science department head for 3 years.  One grown son lives in Oregon and the other in Washington.  She is a proud grandmother and life partner with Dana Holland for more than 30 years.

Dana Holland, Land Use Officer

Dana has lived in Tualatin since 2018.  An east coast transplant, Dana retired from firefighting in 2001. He also served in the US Army and the Massachusetts National Guard.  Dana has his Ham license and is a member of Tualatin CERT Team.  He has been in relationship more than 30 years with Margarita.

East CIO: Meet the Team

East CIO Accomplishments


Backyard Chickens

East CIO residents needed help and multiple meetings with City personnel to approve the new backyard chicken municipal code.  The code requires a City license which needs to be renewed with neighbor approval every five years.

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Legacy Meridian Park Expansion Project 

Multiple community meetings led to a final project acceptable to Legacy and immediate neighborhoods.


Tualatin Neighborhood Ready

The East CIO help multiple neighborhood cluster meeting with volunteers from Tualatin Neighborhood Ready.

Race Track

Bridgeport Elementary Track Funding

In partnership with the many parent groups, East CIO contributed to the Bridgeport Elementary Track fundraising project.

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Citizen Emergency Response Team (CERT)

East CIO supports the Citizen Emergency Response Team (CERT).  These volunteers have the training and focus to help neighbors in emergencies, such as power outage, floods and earthquake.  Each volunteer can set up a command center, offer search and rescue, provide basic first aid and communicate with City and County emergency response centers through HAM radios.  Out of 108 active CERTs, East has 20


Visit CERT Website

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Emergency Supply Kits

East CIO has contributed grant funds to a community emergency supply kit.  It is available to CERTs in the event of an emergency.  In an emergency, Command Centers will be set up at Bridgeport Elementary  – if school is not in session. Alternative location is Atfalati Park.

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Pedestrian Safety Projects Supported by CIO

CIO volunteers have lobbied for years to improve pedestrian safety with flashing beacons and increased crosswalk access at key locations.  The photo shows the multiple project either completed or now underway as part of Tualatin Moving Forward funded by $20 million bond fund.  For updated info, click on the link below.

East CIO: Get Involved

Current Projects Impacting East CIO Neighborhoods

AR18-0007-- Tualatin Apartments on Nyberg Road

Status:  Approved in 2019 and under construction

The applicant, Nybert Rd Property, LLC, last hearing was November 20, 2019.   This 247-apartment project used a traffic study from 2011, which greatly understated the current traffic on SW 65th.  The City needs to reconsider growth that pours more traffic on SW 65th, SW Sagert, and SW Borland Rd.

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Traffic at SW 65th and SW Borland Rd.

Apparently, no funded projects exist to improve traffic jams currently occuring at SW 65th and SW Borland Rd.  The new housing development with a traffic light at SW 65th and SW Sagert has only hurt.  The lights do not appear to "timed" to allow traffic to flow between the two immediate intersections. We need to hold meeting with traffic engineering to solve this problem.

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East CIO: What We Do
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