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Welcome to Riverpark CIO

The Riverpark Community Involvement Organization (CIO) is one of six residential CIOs located in separate geographical areas of Tualatin. The map below shows the outline of our neighborhood - Riverpark. Our membership is open to all who reside or own property in this area. The Riverpark Board of volunteers supports members by working with the City of Tualatin and other government agencies when questions, ideas and/or complaints are brought to our attention. Our focus is on community safety, livability, equity and a sense of community.

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Riverpark CIO Board

Janine Wilson, President

Janine has been a Tualatin resident for 8 years and has participated on the CIO Board for the past 7 years.  She has retired from management in government service.  She moved from Southern Oregon with husband Andy, to be nearer their kids and family. She is a CERT member and working on the Neighborhood Ready program.

Christine Tunstall, Vice President

5th generation resident of Tualatin. One of the founders of the CIO program. Also serving on the Commercial CIO Board.

Kate Pinamonti, Secretary

Kate has been a resident of Tualatin for over 25 years and enjoys being a part of the Riverpark community. Recently retired, she has a passion for adventurous travel and is an avid runner and cyclist. You may see Kate and her husband, Guido, in Jurgens Park with their two dogs Basil & Zorro. 

Cynthia Martinez, Treasurer

Tualatin resident since summer 2021, member of Tualatin CERT team, part of LAM Research since 2020. Worked in healthcare for almost 15 years, always willing to help and share safety awareness. Loves to play, watch and discuss soccer.

Land Use Officer

Position Vacant – please apply at

The primary purpose is to engage members in the discussion of and provide timely information to members on land use matters of the City and the region. Matters such as, but not limited to, land use, traffic, development proposals and zoning. Full description of position and purpose is found in bylaw document below. Quarterly  attendance in planning meetings hosted by the city.

Daniel Bachhuber, Member-At-Large

Daniel lives near Jurgens Park, is married with two wonderful children. Although a software engineer by day, he takes every opportunity to run, bike, or anything outside. If you like to discuss housing policy, he will gladly talk your ear off.

Riverpark CIO Accomplishments


Riverpark Community Fair

In partnership with the City of Tualatin, our second Community Fair was held on May 20, 2023. We celebrated beautiful Spring weather with over 200 Riverpark neighbors.


Tualatin Road Safety

Residents needed help following complaints of speeding, noise, and concerns for safety on Tualatin Road.  Public Works has responded with building crosswalks, adding an electronic speed meter… and we now have an official Deer Crossing sign. Recently, the CIO has received a request to look into speed enforcement by our police.


Off-Leash Dog Park

Riverpark residents and their best dog friends meet mid-morning at Jurgens Park off-leash area.  The residents lobbied for years for this wonderful area where dogs can roam, play, and just be dogs.  Anecdotally, their human partners have formed lasting friendships throughout the neighborhood while keeping their eyes on their canine companions.  This improvement has been a win-win for dog owners and nonowners since it provides an off-leash option.


National Night Out

The Riverpark CIO has contributed funding to neighborhood gatherings to mark National Night Out.  This event is celebrated on the first Tuesday in August and promotes police-community partnerships.  Our Police Chief Steele and his officers make rounds to greet folks at each of the events.


Greenway Benches

In partnership with the Parks Department, the CIO contributed grant money for the project.


Citizen Emergency Response Team (CERT)

Riverpark CIO supports the Citizen Emergency Response Team (CERT).  These volunteers have the training and focus to help neighbors in emergencies, such as power outage, floods and earthquake.  Each volunteer can set up a command center, offer search and rescue, provide basic first aid and communicate with City and County emergency response centers through HAM radios.  Out of 108 active CERTs, Riverpark has 32 members.

Visit CERT Website


Emergency Supply Kits

Riverpark CIO has contributed grant funds to a community emergency supply kit. There are currently two supply hubs located in Riverpark. They are available to CERTs in the event of an emergency.  In an emergency, Command Centers will be set up at Hazelbrook Middle School – if school is not in session. Alternative locations will be at the cemetery or business at 124th and Tualatin Road.

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