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Welcome to Midwest CIO

The Midwest Community Involvement Organization (CIO) is one of six residential CIOs located in separate geographical areas of Tualatin. The map to the left shows the outline of our neighborhood - Midwest CIO. Our membership is open to all who reside or own property in this area. The Midwest Board of volunteers supports members by working with the City of Tualatin and other government agencies when questions, ideas and/or complaints are brought to our attention. Our focus is on community safety, livability, equity and a sense of community.

Midwest CIO Accomplishments

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Garden Corners Curves at 108th & Blake

Residents from Midwest and Ibach CIOs worked together for many years with the City of Tualatin to move this project forward.  Tualatin 2018 transportation safety bond funded this project's safer pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure project.  Midwest residents strongly supported the bond measure.  The street is now open for traffic!

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Pedestrian Safety Top Priority

Midwest residents have for many years expressed concerns about pedestrian traffic on SW Boones Ferry, especially children walking to school.  Boones Ferry Corridor Sidewalk & Bike Lane project will complete missing segments of bike lanes and sidewalks, & repair sidewalks, pathways, and bike lanes that do not meet current standards along Boones Ferry Road from Warm Springs Street to Norwood Road.  It is funded by the 2018 Tualatin bond transportation safety measure endorsed by Midwest CIO volunteers.

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National Night Out

The Midwest CIO has contributed funding to neighborhood gatherings to mark National Night Out.  This event is celebrated on the first Tuesday in August and promotes police-community partnerships.  Our Police Chief Steele and his officers make rounds to greet folks at each of the events.


Citizen Emergency Response Team (CERT)

Midwest CIO supports the Citizen Emergency Response Team (CERT).  These volunteers have the training and focus to help neighbors in emergencies, such as power outage, floods and earthquake.  Each volunteer can set up a command center, offer search and rescue, provide basic first aid and communicate with City and County emergency response centers through HAM radios.  Out of 108 active CERTs, Midwest has 11 members, 7 of which have their HAM radio license.

Visit CERT Website


Emergency Supply Kits

Midwest CIO has contributed grant funds to a community emergency supply kit. There is currently one supply hubs located in Midwest. They are available to CERTs in the event of an emergency.  In an emergency, Command Center will be set up at Tualatin Elementary School – if school is not in session.

Current Midwest CIO Issues

Traffic Damaging Neighborhoods

Traffic on SW Boones Ferry

SW Boones Ferry Fails to Move Existing Traffic - New Projects Will Make It Worst.  All traffic coming out of SW 124th will dump onto SW Boones Ferry when the new bridge is built.  Traffic studies are not taking into account the existing system failure.

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Basalt Creek Traffic Impact Understated

Residents are alarmed that all traffic out of Basalt Creek, Sherwood, and the west side of Washington County will  pour onto SW Boones Ferry instead of Day Road.  Residents and businesses see gridlock as the logic result.  The dotted line below crossing over to Clackamas County doesn't exist in Clackamas County Transportation Plan.

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